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Hyacinth bulbs, like those of many bulb flowers, can be extracted from the garden and saved until the following autumn for replanting, or they can be revived after a forced bloom with some extra care.With a little know-how they can be recycled to rebloom outdoors.Hyacinths (Hyacinthus spp.) are favorite flower bulbs for their intense fragrance and early blooms in shades of pink, purple, blue, red, yellow and white.Ideal for adding color and texture, Hyacinth could serve as accent or filler flowers.

Use an extra layer of peat dust, so they will survive the frosty wintertime period.

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Bulbs forced in soil, however, can possibly bloom again, though the blooms will never match the beauty of the first ones, so most experienced gardeners choose to toss them.

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When the blooms are no longer attractive cut them back to their base.In a continued series on potted bulbs I wanted to elaborate on Hyacinths.

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Take the spent hyacinth outside to plant in your perennial garden.

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Using specially made Hyacinth glasses, this simple method will grow the aromatic flowers within 6 weeks.

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With a little care, you can keep your indoor hyacinth after blooming to ensure many more fragrant blossoms in the future.You can make the flowers bloom earlier in the season than they do naturally, usually in late winter or early spring.

There is also a white flowered water hyacinth, but it is very rare.Design Idea: Try Them in Containers-Most bulbs do just as well in containers as they do in the ground.The two most common species in cultivation are the Muscari armeniacum (typically blue in.

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Spring flowering bulbs often forced into bloom in pots are tulip, hyacinth, narcissus (daffodil), grape hyacinth and crocus.If you care for it properly, allowing the leaves to grow after the blossom has passed, it will bloom again year after year.

For maximum enjoyment, these plants are best purchased in the bud or early stages of bloom.You can transplant outside once the bulbs are established, after about 3 years of growth.Proper care of hyacinths will help to keep lovely hyacinths flowers growing for several years.

Because of their attractive flowers and delicious smell, potted hyacinths are a popular gift.This is normal hyacinth behavior.:) They are essentially an annual that flowers in the early early spring - those guys are just going dormant now.Muscari, grape hyacinth is a decorative bulb plant with its mostly blue-violet flowers.If your potted bulbs arrive frozen let them thaw overnight before watering.

Transplanting A Hyacinth Hyacinth is a hardy perennial that spreads by sprouting smaller bulbs off its main bulb.They bloom in mid-spring at the same time as daffodils and early tulips, and come in a rainbow of colors including white, cream, pink, rose, apricot, lavender, cobalt blue, deep purple and wine red.

Hyacinths are prone to frost damage, so be aware of the general rule for timely planting (outside).

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About hyacinths Favored for their intense colors and heady fragrance, hyacinths are a staple of the spring garden along with daffodils and tulips.Looking for information on how to care for my new hyacinth plant.

And, like tulips, hyacinth bulbs are best chilled in the fridge for a few weeks before planting to promote strong root and flower growth.

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New and reproduction versions are widely available, and older ones can be found at antique shops and on eBay.

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Hyacinth bulbs can brighten up the darkest days of winter, and are very easy to grow.To care for potted roses in the winter, stop fertilizing and deadheading six weeks before winter, put the plants indoors, add moss to the container, tie a trash bag around the containers, and prune the roses.

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The intoxicating scent and vibrant colors of Hyacinths make them a favorite spring-flowering bulb.The Peacock Hyacinth is said to be freer flowering with more attractive blooms than the common species.

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